Are you wondering about the two of us, our history, and our vision for the Victorian atmosphere of the place we call home?  For the record, Jim Magrone and Lynn Owen are not the kind of people who sit still and just talk about doing projects.  We are DOERS, not TALKERS. 

When we bought this home in 1997, we had no idea how it would eventually turn out.  We knew it would have to change, but what followed was a combination of dreams and plans. 

At that time, Jim needed stress relief from his job.  We created a restful place for his enjoyment at night.  The bedroom was decorated in an old-fashioned, pretty style -- Lace curtains, restful pictures, floral motifs, sachets, candles, and yes, pink.  Jim found it relaxing and peaceful.  From that point, we decorated within the same Victorian character.

Once that was decided, the porch HAD to be built, and it HAD to have a GAZEBO.  We hired a carpenter who demolished our front walls and left us in tarps, without returning.  (Apparently, he won an $8 million lawsuit and went to the Caribbean!)  There were no other carpenters who were available, and we still had a huge hole in our house!  Having no recourse, the two of us actually built the entire porch from the footings up.  It took more than one summer, but we got it done.  The porch remains the most salient and satisfying part of the entire house.  We enjoy it daily, even in the winter. 

Inside, the most far-reaching of our projects was the oak hardwood floor.  Jim milled the boards himself from rough lumber out in the garage with his planer and molder.  He installed it himself, and together we got it sanded and finished.  The kiln-dried wood was salvaged from yards and forests where the trees had lived for more than 200 years. We created the new floor entirely.  If you are interested in more on the restoration of the house, go to Restoration Stories.

The antiques in the house were collected over a period of 15 years.  We usually do not buy expensive antiques.  We buy what most antique lovers wouldn’t even consider.  Let’s face it – We buy the junk that no one else wants.  No matter what it is, we lug it home in the back of our pickup, and down the basement it goes.  Then, Jim disappears and puts those tired, worn-out things through his little furniture factory, as I like to call it.  He glues them where they are wiggly, recovers where he can, and spruces up the finishes.  He sometimes repurposes them for current uses.  We call them Functional Antiques