As the bike capital of the Midwest, the Madison Area boasts more bikes than cars! In and around Madison, more than 200 miles of scenic biking and hiking trails are available for all biking and hiking enthusiasts. Traversing the city on bike is both easy and beautiful!  Plus—When you stay at Whisper Rock Victorian Dreams, you are only 2 short blocks from your entrance to all of those 200 miles!  Dane County has a website page directing you to a host of pages regarding biking maps, etc. called Bike Madison.  The Department of Natural Resources has a page directing you to state parks and trails DNR.  There are also large maps at Whisper Rock for your use.

It may not be spooky, but have you ever biked through a train tunnel from the 1800s?  Do you see the rails that are no longer there?  As you pedal, can you imagine the sparks that may have come off those rails as the trains chugged by?  How many trains have traveled through the same tunnel that you are biking through right now?  How many lives were affected by those traveling along the rails?  How about the hobos that hitched rides along the rails?  What were their stories?  What products traversed the tunnel’s length, on their way to unknown locations, near or far?  What about the soldiers that rode the trains as they went off to war?  What about the families that rode west on the trains to settle the frontier?  Can you feel the ghosts of past times, as they left their imprints long ago? 

Do you remember the old song about Billy Jo McAllester who jumped off the Tallahachee Bridge?  That song alluded to a relationship between two people, and something about a “package” being thrown from the bridge.  Well, we don’t know anything about a “package” being thrown from the bridge, and we surely don’t know any Billy Jo, but if you like metal structures that resemble pre-Columbian art, you will love our train trestle!

It is enough to realize that Belleville, the surrounding towns, Dane and Green Counties in general, and Madison, especially, have a great reputation in the biking world.  You have it all at our back door, and all you need to do is bring your bikes, or your walking shoes.