Over the years we’ve lived here, we’ve been gratified to see many different birds which are indigenous to Wisconsin.  Some are permanent residents, but many have been seen during Spring or Fall migrations.  These include all of the birds on the list below:

  • Great Blue Heron         Kestrel                   Song Sparrow                    Marsh Hawk
  • Sandhill Crane               Horned Owl         Kinglet                                  Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Canada Goose              Barred Owl           House Wren                       Osprey
  • Mallard Duck                  Robin                      Purple Finch                       Cardinal
  • Cormorant                      Grackle                  House Finch                        Slate-Colored Junco
  • Merganser                       Starling                  Goldfinch                            House Sparrow
  • Pelican                              Bluebird                 Downy Woodpecker      Red-Bellied Woodpecker
  • Old Squaw Duck            Nuthatch               Hairy Woodpecker          Red-Headed Woodpecker
  • Bald Eagle                        Chickadee            Gold-Shafted Flicker       Hummingbird

Wildlife is what you might expect, but with a few additions you may not consider.   

  • White-Tail Deer                                     Woodchuck                                    Bobcat
  • Opossum                                                 Porcupine                                        Carp
  • Raccoon                                                   Squirrel                                             Various Smaller Fish
  • Rabbit                                                        Chipmunk                                        Musky (Caught Below 
  • Red Fox                                                     Mice, Moles, etc.                                                             Dam)
  • Coyote (Calls ONLY)                            Snapping Turtle                             Blanding's Turtle (rare)

 Black Bear and Mountain Lion have also been reported in Southern Wisconsin, although we have never experienced this.  (The same goes for Bigfoot and the Mothman.)