The Community Park is a block and a half south on River Street where the street crosses over the  Sugar River.  Our little island park includes a dam that used to be connected to a mill to grind grain. The dam is still there, and the Sugar River goes around the “island” park, with Lake Belle View making up the remaining sides. The Sugar River also flows under the main bridge in town and then under an old train trestle. You can see it from the main bridge on River Street. Because the train trestle was included in the bike path creation from the old tracks, you can ride or walk the trestle today. On the bike path, you can pick up a block or so behind our house, you proceed in the river direction, and you will cross right over the Sugar River via the train trestle. The path then heads straight through the middle of our town square and out the south side of town, towards the train tunnel mentioned on our Biking and Hiking website page.