Before we left, I noticed a beautiful champagne-colored kerosene lamp.  It was just the glass font base, but it looked like carnival glass, sort of orange and pink inflorescent.  He picked it up and handed it to me, and said the color was from the years of burning kerosene, and that if I ever touched it with soap, it would all wash off.  Needless to say, I brought the lamp home, and it resides in the built-in buffet in the foyer.  I never washed it, either. 

 The white hutch?  Well, that was a project that took both of us to work out.  We pulled the back of the hutch off, and substituted a few new boards to replace the broken ones.  Then we looked at the molding, removed some of it to make the rest of another row complete, and even added the crown to the top.  We got the glass for the windows, made new shelves, and the curved sticks to hold them up the old-fashioned way.  Once the paint dried, it was a perfect place for our collection of Old Country Roses porcelain. 

 The very beautiful, mirrored oak hutch on the other side of the kitchen has its own story, as well.  We actually bought that piece because it was just so perfect for the space, and so beautifully carved.  However, upon original sight, it cost way too much for our budget, especially when you consider how far we stay away from completely whole and usable antiques.  The price hit us like a freight train.  So, we decided to wait and save our money for later.  At later visits to the same antique store, the price suddenly started to drop.  The year was 2008 and coincidental with the drop in the job markets and real estate prices.  The economy had tanked.  So, we kept saving and watching, and suddenly on one visit, we realized that we had finally met with a price we could afford, a full 60% off.   What a surprise we got that day.  Finally, at home in our kitchen, the buffet has added so much flavor and character to the place, we can’t imagine not having it there. 

 There is an antique chair in the green bedroom that we found in an antique store, with a group of furniture that had been water-damaged.  There were several other pieces that were included in this damaged pile of stuff.  The chair was just an interesting piece.  We intend to refinish and recover it.