At the same antique place, we ran across the piano bench, which was missing the floor of the music compartment beneath the seat.  The padded top was watermarked, faded, and the padding was all but gone.  The bench was wiggly and needed gluing, then refinishing.  As Jim worked on it, he realized that it had been cobbled together from 2 separate bench seats.  After much gluing, refinishing and new upholstery, the bench warmed up to the piano just fine. 

 The piano itself is more than 100 years old, and it is a cabinet grand piano.  This means that it has an extra big sounding board which gives it a bigger sound, sort of like a grand piano.  It was manufactured out East, New York, but it spent most of its life in the tender care of an older piano teacher.  Best of all, her estate donated it to Goodwill, because they couldn’t sell it.  I bought it and even paid to get it home.  It broke the threshold of the back door when they rolled it into the house.  We fixed the floor, and the piano tuner took care of the sound of the notes.  I grew up playing an old upright, so this piece has found a permanent home with us.

 The armoire in the purple bedroom was found in an Easter Seal Society resale shop.  It was in pieces.  The post that held the mirror on the right side had been sawed off, and the trim pieces had been just thrown inside.  Fortunately, all the pieces were there, even the original mirror, so we figured out where they went and cut new ones where necessary.  A date we found on the inside was 1921. It was one of the hardest pieces Jim had to do, but it came out very well. 

 There are some gold candelabras on either side of the piano.  We found these at one of our local antique shops.  They must have come from an old church, and I have yet to see more elaborate ones. 

  All in all, each piece has its history, and they have all come together to live in the home.  Jim often felt that the antiques quietly spoke to him by showing him numerous times where additional work needed to be performed.  We love each one, and we hope you will find them interesting and comfortable.  Please don’t worry about using our furniture, but be comfortable and relax.   We want you to feel at home here