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Summer, 1997:  Soon after we moved into the house, we noticed one of the bedroom doors stuck when it was closed.  One corner of the door was about ¼ of an inch off square with the door frame.  It was “impossible” to open without lifting it.  Jim was the only one in the family that could get it open when it became stuck.  We were constantly calling on him to open it, because it had somehow been pushed closed.  There were many times when one of us forgot about the door and got trapped inside or out of the room.  The girls constantly denied closing it tight, so we finally figured it had to be a ghost. 

1997 – 2000:  During 1997 and 1998, while working in the upstairs apartment, we often could hear boots (like Western boots) walking the full length of the attic.  This happened about a dozen times.  We have usually checked it out, but have never found anything that might have made the noise

1997 – 2005:  Garage:  I was working on a number of different projects for the house.  Most nights, it was very quiet.  I don’t have a clock in the garage, so I didn’t know what time it was.  Sometimes I would hear 2 little girls, maybe the age of 10 or so, who were just talking back and forth, not shouting or hollering, just talking.  The voices would seem to be coming from the outside of the garage door between the two garage doors.  Whenever I would hear them, I would wait for 5 or 10 seconds to see if I could hear and understand what they were saying.  Then I would rush out a side door, put the light on, and find no one there.  I would usually have our German Shepard out there with me, and she would hear it too, but there was no one out there for her to chase.  As I said, this happened many, many times, but every time it happened, I would check it out.  It always happened at night, maybe 10 to midnight, but not during the day.  The garage is almost exactly where the old barn was located.  We gathered that information from an old picture of the farm.