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June, 1998:  While running wire underneath the old attic floor planks, I was removing old 1-foot-thick insulation.  As I worked, I found dried corn, nuts, peas, and wheat.  I also found animal bones.  The bones were too big for a squirrel, but maybe the size of a chicken, opossum, or maybe a raccoon.  Curiously, some of the bones were leg bones and were   broken in half.  They had markings on them, like dots or dashes and also some kind of carving.  I found a dozen or so of these broken bones with the markings.  I didn’t think much about them at the time because I was buried in renovation tasks.  As I continued removing insulation, I found a salt and pepper shakers, small ones, which were also broken.  I also found broken cups and small broken pieces of plates.  I found buttons, some colorful, some lacking any color.  Additionally, I found something that looked like shoe leather.  I didn’t think much about these things, just kept working, because it was hot up there, and I wanted to get it done.  Many years later, I did some research on some of the unique happenings around here.  I found that from the 1860s through the 1900s, the Underground Railroad was still in operation.  Is it possible that we were an underground station? Add to that, that the stations would signal by a light or fabric hung in a window so the travelers knew when it was safe to approach the house.  We have an original handmade wood ladder leading up to the very top of the house and a trap door in the roof.  When you open the trap door you could easily signal anyone for a distance of about a mile away.  Was it used as an exterior hiding place, in case the bounty hunters showed up? We ­­­­­­don’t know.  There are not a lot of records about the Underground Railroad, but if we were part of the Underground Railroad, we would be extremely proud.­­­­­­­­­ 

2004:  I was working on the upstairs apartment, installing a fan in the master bedroom.  With the high ceilings, I had an 8-foot ladder, drill, and all kinds of tools, preparing the ceiling to receive this fan.  Since it was about 8 pm, I decided to come downstairs and grab a sandwich.  At that time, we had a couch underneath the bedroom I was working in.  I no sooner sat down, and I suddenly heard a crash upstairs above me.  It sounded like the ladder and all the tools had fallen to the ground.  I literally ran upstairs to the master bedroom, and everything was just perfect—nothing had fallen.  I couldn’t understand it.