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Spring, 2006:  Lynn and I were sitting in the living room talking about the house and the work to be done, when we looked to an end table which had a roll of wallpaper on it.  Just then, the roll of wallpaper rolled right off the table onto the floor.  The wallpaper roll had been sitting in that exact spot for at least a week.    

Spring, 2006:  Around the same time, we were relaxing and talking in the living room.  A sheet of music which had been sitting on the piano for weeks, floated off the piano and onto the floor.  It had been sitting on the open piano for days like that.  There was no furnace or air conditioning on, and no breezes.  

Summer, 2006:  Our German Shepherd and I came in from working in the garage around 11 pm.  As soon as she walked through the back door, she immediately started barking, her fur went up, and she was looking in the direction of the back bedrooms.  I saw nothing, and no one was in the house that night.  She was extremely upset.  I calmed her down. 

July, 2009:  I went outside to sit in our ice cream parlor chairs, on the front porch, drinking some coffee.  It must have been around 9 or 10 pm.  There was no traffic noise, no howling, nothing.  Then, I heard a voice come to me that said specifically, “This house will not be used as you think.”  It wasn’t a voice, but the closest thing I can tell you was that it felt like an overwhelming feeling that just came over me, with this message. 

May-August, 2010:  I had a dream about writing a book about the Native Americans that lived in this part of Wisconsin.  We know they were here, not only because our house used to be a trapper-hunter’s cabin, and we still have hand hewn logs as part of our foundation.  During this period of months, the subject of Native Americans kept cropping up on me.  We got a special mailing for a reference book on American Indians.  Then I came across a beautiful used book on them at the bookstore.  The same thing happened to me at antique stores.  I kept being reminded of it.  I have yet to start the book, but I still find Indian memorabilia, books, etc., wherever I go, at least every 3 or 4 weeks.  I guess I’ll have to start writing that book.