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July, 2010: 2 am: I was watching television because I couldn’t sleep. The windows weren’t open, and no air conditioning was on. All of a sudden I smelled a flowery perfume in the northwest corner of the living room where I was sitting in my recliner. At this time, we didn’t have any flowers outside that could even remotely smell like this. Lynn was sleeping. The dog was sleeping. The smell, as strong as it was, stayed around for about 1 minute, and then started to fade until it was gone.

August, 2010:  I was sick this particular night, so I decided to sleep in my recliner.  The TV was on, but I just woke up around 2 am.  I found that something was holding me down in the chair.  I know I was awake, because I was seeing the TV, and the TV had a movie with something moving on it.  But I was unable to move out of the chair, because I was trying to push the footrest down, so I could sit up straight.  After about 5 or 10 seconds of struggle, it felt like I was slowly able to push the footrest down and move again.  It never happened before, and it has never happened since. 

August, 2010:  During the day, I opened up the cabinet door in the kitchen to put the spices in a bin. I went to get the new bin to put the spices in, and when I returned, the spices jars were all over the floor.  I hadn’t done that.  The old bin was still on the countertop. 

August, 2010:  A 3x3 unframed picture was leaning against the wall on top of a chest of drawers.  The first time it blew off the chest onto the floor.  On a second time, it flew over 4 feet off the chest and landed on the top of the bed.

August, 2010:  This particular night after midnight, we were having an electrical storm and ended up blowing out fuse #11.  When the fuse was replaced, all kinds of noises began.  The power cat litter pan started up, the washer and dryer (not in use at the time) came on, the phone started to ring, and the answering machine was clicking like it had messages on it.  But the really unusual part of the night was that the electric piano began to play, but when we looked it over, it was unplugged.  There was no radio or TV on either.