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August 24, 2010:  2 am:  I was sitting outside the front door again, and the dog was sleeping on the porch, when I heard the floor squeak or creak inside.  Then, some kind of a squeaky door moved.  Our dog looked in the direction just like I did.  I looked through the window, and I saw what looked to be the tail-end of a grey shadow.  The dog and I went inside to see if maybe it was Lynn, but she was sleeping.  We looked around and never found anything.

September 13, 2010:  At 2 am:  One of the doors inside the house slammed, and we heard 3 or 4 distinct footsteps going down the hall.  No windows were open, and no air conditioning was on.  Between 2:30 and 3:00 while still awake, we heard more footsteps like that before we fell back asleep.

January 30-31, 2011:  10 pm:  Both days I heard a sound like a whistle or a squeak, or a noise a dog makes when he wants attention.  The furnace was not on, the dishwasher was not on, and the TV was between shows with no audio or visual.  Our dog was sleeping less than a foot from my feet.  The noise seemed to come from the kitchen both times I heard it.  The following night, Ghost Hunters, the TV program, had the same noise, but theirs was at a B&B. 

February 19, 2011:  I was sitting on the front porch around 12:30 am just enjoying the night.  I smelled perfume, not like a breeze at all; it just smelled like it was in one place.  I reached for it, and it felt like my fingers were pushing into something, but there was nothing there to push into.  Just weird.

August-September 2011:  In the basement is our washer and dryer.  During this time frame, we were finding the large bottle of liquid laundry detergent occasionally moved from the dryer (where we usually kept it) to the floor beside the furnace, or in the middle of the room.  The fabric softener is also a large bottle, but it never moves.  I tested how the detergent bottle would bounce when it is half-full, and cannot recreate this situation.  The above is under the original part of the house.