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May 31, 2012:  8 am:  I put my pants and a jacket in the dryer to freshen them up before going to a dentist appointment.  I set the dryer on the normal 55-minute cycle and started it.  Before walking away, I heard metal from my jacket making noise inside the dryer.  20 minutes later I returned to get my jacket and pants, and I found that the dryer light was off 25 minutes early, and more importantly, the dryer door was open.  The door was at least 1/3 open.  No one had gone downstairs after I did, and we have no idea why this happened.

June 24, 2012:  1:30 am:  We just finished having our fuse box converted from fuses to circuit breakers.  I went to bed late that night and within 10 minutes I heard something that sounded like 2 cookie sheets being banged together.  It stopped in about 5 seconds, and then unexpectedly started up again.  This time I got up and checked that everyone was asleep, including the dog, and the furnace was not on.  So I went downstairs where the fuse box was and saw nothing unusual.  The next morning I was talking with my daughter about the noises, and we both went back downstairs to see if we could try to recreate it.  She rattled a box of metal electrical junk that was taken down.  That was the sound I had heard the night before.  Something was rattling that box the night before.

As incredible as all the above entries may sound, we have all had numerous incidents, where we wondered if we really saw what we thought we saw.  One interesting thing that has just started happening is that I’m hearing my name called out.  It has happened 5 or 6 times, but it wasn’t Lynn calling, and obviously the dog doesn’t talk.  Outside sitting on the porch, I think I saw several times a young boy walking on the wall out by the street.  Several other times I saw what looked a man walking between 2 trees that were beside the lake across the street.  I can’t be sure I saw them, but I think I did.  There have been a number of instances that we can’t explain, and somehow we are not quite sure they really happened.  We did not know we were having encounters with ghosts until one of our friends saw a vision of a lady walking through our hardwood floors where a stairway once was.  We believe in the Lord and find it extremely difficult to believe in ghosts.  Are they all Coincidences?  Maybe, but why so many?