When we moved into the house in 1997, it had narrow brown molding and hollow-core doors to match.   The floor was carpeted, and the kitchen had brown plywood cabinets with no hardware.  The fixtures in the bathroom were blue, i.e. the tub, sink, and even the toilet.  There was a huge box built out onto the front of the house, which obliterated the bay in the living room.  The walls were painted turquoise, orange, and gold.  The appliances were copper and avocado.  Basically, it was like stepping back into the 60’s. 

 At the top of the back stairs, the entire upstairs of the house is a 2+ bedroom apartment, which we also rent out to year-round tenants.  Up in the 2nd floor apartment, the original woodwork and floors shine in reflection of the year of 1885 when the house was built.  It was this enchanting atmosphere that inspired us to recreate the 1st floor of the house. 

 Out in the garage, Jim lovingly duplicated all of the original woodwork from 200-year-old virgin oak hardwood for installation on the 1st floor.  We added some features like the picture molding, and the wainscoting in the halls, but the rest matches the upstairs in the original part of the house. 

 The biggest concern we had was to do everything REAL.  By this, we mean that when woodwork is applied, it is oak hardwood – not veneers – not plastic – just REAL WOOD.  The enamel paint was painted with a primer coat and two successive coats of ivory enamel.  If a stained glass lamp was purchased, it was glass – not plastic.  The tub in the bathroom is heavy cast iron – not acrylic.  The fixtures are solid brass – not plated.  Even the towel racks are solid brass.  The antique head and footboards in the bedrooms are also real 1800’s hand-carved oak.  The bookcases in the living room are solid oak. 

 Wherever possible, we have recreated what would have been in use back in the 1880’s (in addition to all the modern luxuries and conveniences).  We hope our home will charm and transport you back to a time that was slower, gentler, more peaceful, and most of all, completely away from the cares and stresses of your normal, everyday lives.