Without a doubt, watching the sun set over the lake is one of our favorite times of day.  Countless days have ticked by when we have admitted that no matter how far or where we travel, the sunsets are always the most fabulous right here on our own front steps. 

 Sometimes it is just the copper color reflected in the clouds contrasted with their shadowed undersides, which can look like periwinkle blue or lavender.  Sometimes it is more red and orange, like a fireball sinking into the trees across the water.  Even when the sky is mostly filled with clouds, the tiny breaks beam with the strong pinks, oranges, or even yellow hues of the sunset.

 The moon over the lake is also a favorite.  If you happen to be here when the moon phases are showing to the west, it’s a real delight to see the moon reflected on the calm surface of the water.

 One of the extra treats we have seen is when the fog rises out over the water and flows over the island park or even up onto the yard.   It looks spooky at times, but at other times you feel like you are being transported back in time, with the porch and the Victorian street lights.  Sound really travels on nights like these, and sitting on the porch quietly is very enjoyable.