Drive up the long drive, get out of the car and step back in time.  Through the arbor and the courtyard, up the steps and onto the porch—you can see the old wooden porch furniture, looking out at the fountain and the lake beyond.  The gingerbread-clad screen door opens, and you have arrived.  You see lace and satin curtains, sturdy old wood floors, fretwork overhead, and an inviting living room welcoming you to sit down and stay. 

Walk in and take a deep breath.  The huge kitchen has room enough for a large family to sit and enjoy Sunday dinner.  The antique hutch and buffets hold all you need for a holiday affair.   The bathroom holds a giant claw-foot tub, enough to bathe 3 kids at once, plus a convenient shower for you.  The antique walnut chest spills over with extra deep plush bath sheets.  The back hall and old banister lead you down the hall to the bedrooms, where thick carpets welcome your toes, and quilts and lace ask you to lie down on the antique beds on a warm summer evening.  Stained glass lamps shine at night and invite you to curl up with a good book or that special someone. 

Seek out the old armoire in the purple bedroom and see yourself in the original silver-backed antique mirror.  Connect with the past.  Feel the ghosts that may touch you and sail by on a breeze.  Do you hear their voices, see their shadows, or notice the scent of lavender?  Perhaps you are even treated to the sight of a piece of sheet music fluttering to the floor from the 100-year-old piano when the air is still.  If you play, try some music from inside the piano bench.  The spirits especially like the antique arrangements. 

Nothing is left to chance.   Stay as long as you like.  Dream your dreams, whatever they may be.   Simpler times are not gone for good.  They are still here at Whisper Rock Victorian Dreams.